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Who We Are




Originally a legal professional responsible for groundbreaking precedent, Betty has a passion for healthful living, having founded her own all-natural personal care products in 2010. 

Having completed Cornell University's  Medicinal Plants Program, she works tirelessly as an advocate for eliminating unnatural foods, artificial chemicals, and drugs from our lives, our homes, and the land.  She has devoted that commitment and those energies to carrying forward the legacy of Lionhill Estate in all her endeavors.




Also a legal and finance professional, Bob brings his many years of experience in entrepreneurship, as well as his strong belief and commitment to hard work, as a steward of the legacy of Lionhill Estate.  

Originally a Connecticut Yankee, but later a proud Texan for more than two decades, he has embraced living naturally and the farm-to-table movement.  He devotes his time and care to preserving the vision of Lionhill Estate, as an example of the best American traditions of independence and self-reliance in a complicated world. 


Martin & Family

Security Crew

To guard our livestock and all of Lionhill Estate, we chose the noble Great Pyrenees, a large and immensely powerful working dog bred to deter sheep-stealing wolves and other predators on snowy mountaintops. Today they are mellow companions and vigilant guardians of home and family.

Headed by patriarch Martin, we also introduced his mate Abby, a Pyr / Anatolian mix, bringing genetic diversity and the genes of the excellent guard dog of livestock and farm assets.  With their offspring, they oversee our animals and property loyally and well.

Meet Us: Meet the Team
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