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About Lionhill Estate

Our story begins in 2014, when we acquired what today is Lionhill Estate, a 100 acre property just north of Canton, Texas.  With five ponds, a  creek, and the majestic rising Lionhill, it was the perfect spot for our new venture.

We made a commitment to practice all-natural, organic techniques in producing 100% grass-fed free-grazed beef, as well as superpremium eggs from happy free range chickens, and delicious non-GMO fresh fruits and vegetables (enjoyed mostly by our cows & chickens!) 

Our animals have never received hormones or antibiotics, living healthy and free of GMO or other unnatural substances.

We have never sprayed our land with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.  Our pastures and meadow have been treated only with a natural mix of molasses, garlic, fish emulsion, and seaweed tea.

Continuing this commitment, we are proud to offer our products to you, as a tribute to your healthy living and good taste.  Enjoy!

About Lionhill Estate: Our Farm
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